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Lindsay Graves Highlighted as a Woman In Business


Lindsay Graves, CPA, wants to clear one thing up: "People think accountants are boring, but we are not. We just get really excited about boring stuff!"

The dynamic, hard-working team at Graves and Associates, CPAs, is more than a stereotypical team of accountants. When Lindsay's father, Lynn, founded the company in 2006, Lindsay joined the company on it's first anniversary and has enjoyed the clients, challenges, and work over the last ten years.

Her passion for the word dates back to kindergarten, when she'd inform people she wanted to be a CPA and follow in her father's footsteps. "Accounting is like a puzzle," she says, "Your given all of the pieces, and once you assemble them in the right way, they flow together to create the perfect picture or narrative."

Lindsay specializes in local governmental and non-profit audits, including single audits under the Uniform Guidance. Her time is spent auditing schools, political subdivisions, and nonprofits. She also prepares individual income, business and nonprofit tax returns.

Her business philosophy is simple. "Honesty, honesty, honesty," she says. "Be honest with your clients, be honest with your co-workers, be honest with yourself. Where there is honesty, there is no confusion."

As regulations, demands, and pace increase in the industry. Graves and Associates will continue to develop methods to make auditing and tax preparation more efficient through a flexible work environment for its dynamic and hard-working team, which allows them to provide exceptional service to their clients.

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